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The Vikings WILD Win Over The Bills Is Even Crazier When You Hear The Minnesota Radio Calls Of All The Mayhem That Happened In The 4th Quarter And Overtime

Isaiah Vazquez. Getty Images.

I think we can all agree that the Vikings-Bills game is our current Game of the Year, right? Bills-Chiefs felt like a heavyweight fight as well as a potential preview of an inevitable rematch in the playoffs if the Football Gods have even the slightest sense of the moment. 

But in terms of just an unbelievable and unforgettable game, it's Vikings-Bills in a blowout, which is crazy because the only real story heading into the game was whether Josh Allen would play. It's not often you have teams from different conferences with a 6.5 point spread end up being the game of the year. 

However, after everything we saw, I don't know how you can argue. ESPECIALLY after you hear how everything sounded on the radio.

I think baseball is by far the best radio sport just because the sport lends itself to not needing to see the action on the field because there is so little action actually happening, while seeing superhumans do superhuman shit on the gridiron is completely different. If you close you eyes and try to imagine the Justin Jefferson catch without seeing it, it doesn't live up to the actual snag that caused your brain to cramp the first 10 times you watched it.

Yet Paul Allen's calls of all that pure absurdity was definitely better than the call of whoever Fox shipped out to the game. Granted, being invested in the team is what allows this type of emotion that you see on our streams whenever a fanbase gets their hearts ripped out and stomped on in real time. However there is no denying the man has an incredible resume of losing his mind during the absolute mayhem that comes with being a Vikings fan.

Gotta include the good too since Minnesota fans have had it bad enough over the years.

If my beloved Giants can't make the Super Bowl, I need to see a Bills-Vikings rematch so we get another crack at each other in The Big Game™ with two tortured fanbases that deserve to see their local team raise the Lombardi Trophy, a weird dueling WR1 dynamic after two studs were traded for each other, and a chance for Paul Allen to pain his masterpiece regardless of if the Vikes win or lose.

P.S. Nothing beats local radio after a big win or a playoff run. The perfect mix of happiness and corniness, which I say in the nicest way possible.