Nick Cannon Bragged That His Yearly Child Support Bill Is In The Multi Millions After Announcing His 12th Kid Is On The Way Last Week

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Fox News - Amidst news that Nick Cannon's brood is continuing to expand, with the TV host announcing Alyssa Scott is pregnant with his soon-to-be 12th child, the 42-year-old father is talking about the hefty child-support bill he pays on an annual basis.

A report from The Sun claimed that Cannon "nearly paid $3 million a year in child support," however the musician and actor told The Neighborhood Talk that the actual number is much larger.

"I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually," he said.

He also shared, "I don't plan to ever have to participate in the governmental system of child." 

I've done a turnaround on Nick Cannon. I'm all in on his Ghengis Khan plan to impregnate as many fit and fertile females as his dick will allow. I wasn't necessarily hating on the guy before, but I thought he was fucking crazy.

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"Get busy l̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ fucking or get busy dying.” - Shawshank Redepmtion

Nick Cannon lives by those words.


He explained to ABC News in 2016, "We're here to be fruitful and multiply. That's what our beings are made for, so we can raise our offspring up so they can have offspring, and [produce] generations after generations."

Don't ever try to call Nick out for not doing his part, four kids in 12 months is fucking impressive. 

The best part is that he has apparently found 3 women that are absolutely bueno with the entire arrangement as well. They're not even jealous, or pissed off. As much as you want to hate on Nick Cannon here, you can't.

It is believed that 1 in 200 men today are descendants of Ghengis Khan. And that's just men! 16 million individuals alive today, supposedly carry his Y-chromosome. Wild.

Now though? I think Cannon has it all figured out.

He's somehow managed to brainwash a gaggle of chicks into letting him creampie them, then carrying his child for 9 months, while he's out hosting trash tv shows, and knocking more chicks up.

I feel like at this point he's got the Bernie Madoff business plan down perfect, and it's really working for him.

Where the girls are starting to talk, and whispers turn to facts, turn to desires.

"What am I missing about Nick Cannon? How is he finding all these girls to have babies with"?

"Girl, I dunno, but I'm gonna get me some of that"

(picks up phone, dm's thirst trap to Nick Cannon, pregnant a week later)

And not only is he knocking up handfuls of women, but he's getting them to get on board and comply with some ground rules he's laying out in advance. He'll take care of the kid financially, if they actually take care of the kid. He gets to see them when he wants and hang out with them he wants, and isn't weighed down by having a family so that he can continue to host "The Masked Singer".

Now not to bash the masked singer by any means, my good friend Rob was on it, and I know there's a lot of fans out there. But honestly, how well can The Masked Singer pay Nick Cannon where he's able to scoff at the number $3 million as to what he can afford to pay for his kids a year?


I mean I'm finally at a point in my life where I get to live comfortably and not fear over-drafting my checking account anytime I needed to eat food or pay a bill. But the thought of having just ONE kid right now, nevermind TWELVE, scares the fuck out of me. Not from a personal life style standpoint. I'm great with kids. I'm actually taking my Godson to a Blackhawks game tonight along with the teenager I mentor and I have great times when we hang out. But financially? No fucking way man. I hear what my friends with kids have to spend on day care, or a nanny, and it's more than their mortgage costs. Throw in another mouth to feed, another ass to clothe, and the costs of school coming down the line and I wonder how the hell do people afford to have kids? Major respect to you all carrying on our human race.

And major respect to the gigolo Nick Cannon.

Also props to rapper NBA Youngboy, who just welcomed his tenth child into the world while he has six other women pregnant.

Rapper NBA Youngboy welcomed his 10th child into the world this weekend, Media Take Out has learned. And he’s not done populating the world yet. According to one report, seen by Media Take Out, 6 OTHER women are claiming to be pregnant by the popular rapper.

According to reports, Youngboy is expecting to have 6 babies all in the next 6 months – at a rate of about one a month.

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p.p.s. - here's Nick Cannon's stable

Baby Mama of his twins DJ Abby De La Rosa

Baby momma #2 Brittany Bell


Let's also not forget he was briefly engaged to Selita Ebanks


After divorcing Mariah


After dating Kim Kardashian

After dating Lanisha Cole


And newest baby mama Alyssa Scott