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"You Have No Dick" - Jake Paul Was On The Call During Tommy Fury's Fight And Let Him Have It

Everyone in the world wants to fight Jake Paul, but you have to admit he's the best promoter of all time. The broadcast truck was probably shitting themselves when he started to curse. Jake takes it on himself to make Tommy Fury look awful anytime he has the chance, and he doesn't hold back. Yelling you don't have a dick isn't really funny, but its so childish that it made me chuckle. I won't get into how Jake Paul is an actual good fighter because all of you don't want to accept that fact, but at this Mayweather event every single person wanted to take on Jake Paul. They all want a piece of him, yet no one can beat him. I wonder why!

You had Tommy Fury going at him after his boring ass fight that nobody wanted to watch. Jake Paul even fell asleep. 

Then after the match he wanted to fight Jake right then and there. 

I am a Tommy Fury fan from his Love Island UK days, but man as a boxer he kind of sucks. He's dropped the bag so many times to fight he shouldn't even get a chance anymore. He's gotta know at this point that he'd get embarrassed by Jake. Tommy's Dad would end up revoking the Fury last name and not let him be apart of the family anymore if he lost. Every time his dad says that I laugh out loud. He is a crazy bastard he even tried to fight Jake himself. 

I feel like he should reel it in a little bit and stop letting his titties fly in the ring. Keep the shirt on pal. Jake Paul has become the biggest draw in boxing and all the old bastards are real upset by it.