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Qatar Is A Joke Part 421,406,351: They Are Now Trying To Hide Beer Tents At The Stadiums Over Safety Concerns Or Some Other Bullshit

[Source] - According to a report from Tariq Panja of the New York Times, the Qatari royal family has demanded that tents serving beer and alcohol outside of stadiums be moved to less visible locations.

This sounds about right. This only sounds about right because Qatar is the such a fucking joke to host the World Cup. Again, we know the backstory. We know the fact people have died because they were forced to build stadiums. We know the terrible human rights violations. We also know FIFA is the most corrupt organization in the world. But now Qatar is fucking around with FIFA's money since Budweiser is a major sponsor of the event. 

So, good. This is what FIFA deserves for giving Qatar the World Cup. Qatar should never even be in consideration. In fact it sounds made up that someone even decided to think Qatar could host an event like this. Now we have them hiding beer tents like a dad trying to get his kid to stop playing with the annoying ass toy that makes a ton of noise. It never works out. 

You're telling me fans of Germany, England, USA, Wales, etc won't know how to find beer? Yeah, good luck with that. These people love to drink and will find beer by any means necessary. There will be a search and find rescue group unlike anything we've ever seen before. Safety concerns? Here's an idea. Don't host the World Cup. It's like FIFA and Qatar both don't know shit about each other. 

We're one week out and they are here hiding beer tent. Logical. It's always been the dumbest World Cup but now we're guaranteeing it. In fact I am on record that this World Cup shouldn't count for shit*

*Unless the US beats England and advances.

Fucking FIFA and Qatar man. Biggest joke ever. Have fun, Donnie!