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Someone Remade The House Of The Dragon Intro Using The Succession Song + Filters And It Is Pure HBO Cinematic Magic

Well that was absolute dracarys fire flames, even though House of the Dragon is muchhhhh different than Succession. I mean they clearly have some similarities considering they both have the most prestigious time on TV since the HBO 9 PM time slot is what playing centerfielder for the Yankees used to be like, electric theme songs, more family conflict than a typical Thanksgiving dinner table according to every comedian I've ever heard, and sick fuck heirs that love to drop seed out of windows.

But outside of the familial power struggles that fuel the shows, they go at a much different pace considering Logan Roy is still motherfucking every one of his kids from the top of the org chart no matter how many times Kendall acts like his balls dropped, Shiv seems to be the no-brainer to take over the company, or Roman fails upward. 

Meanwhile in Westeros, King Vizzy's biggest flaw is that he was too nice to everyone, his first-born was probably more fit to rule the seven kingdoms than he was (at least that's what that giant white stag was trying to tell us by slamming us over the head with imagery), and his last three kids are all miserable fucks that probably do not deserve the throne along with all the power that belongs to it. Actually, we can probably move that to the similarities bucket because these three are more similar than I realize.

Giphy Images.

Add in that a bitch mom brought the more cunning if that dickheadish siblings into the world and maybe these shows are pretty much the same if Succession mixed in a time jump every few episodes. I'm sure Viserys played some sort of a game called Boar on the Floor and knew a fella named Greg The Egg, even though both are likely much nicer than what we saw in Succession.

Anyway what was the point of this blog? Oh yeah, that video was fucking awesome and so are these shows. Can't wait until we get one of them back in the spring.