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A Bunch Of Idiots Camped Out Overnight At David Dobrik's New Pizza Place In LA Just So They Could Say They Tried It First

Source - Black Friday came early for David Dobrik -- but it wasn't flat screen TVs that had people camping out for the guy ... it was nothing but Chicago-style pies!!!

The famous YouTuber -- known for his viral pranks among his friends -- has had this in the oven for a while ... a pizza restaurant called Doughbrik's Pizza that's done in the style of his native city, although it doesn't look like there's any deep dish options on the menu.

Anyhoo, the hype was real for his grand opening (Saturday) because folks were literally pitching tents and sleeping bags outside as early as 3 AM -- hoping to be first in when doors opened some 10 hours later. Check out the line for this thing too ... it's long as hell.

The Line: 

As you can see ... it looks to be mostly Gen-Zers out here, which is DB's target audience. 

As for what exactly he's offering (and for how much) ... 2 styles of pizza with a thin, square cut and another with a more doughy crust. Slices are $4.50 to $6.50 and whole pies range from $19 to $38.

I think I'm at a point now where I can't even hate on these dudes. I have been for a while. The Nelks, the Sway boys, the Dobrik's of the world are all doing so well that all I can do is tip my cap. Do I think it's insane that people lined up at 3:00 AM to try this guy's pizza when he himself had this to say about his cooking abilities a few years back...




Absolutely, but he's also not cooking. He hires people for that. All he did was take an insanely rabid fan base and give them something they want - pizza. It's a textbook example of how influencers should be cashing in. So hate all you want, but Dobrik's laughing straight to the bank. 

Having said that, we'll see how hard he's laughing once Uncle D sinks his teeth into one of his pies…

So congrats to DD on the success. Doughbrik's is a hell of a name. Fingers crossed the pizza lives up to it. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading!