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Take That Golf Trip With The Fellas You Guys Have Been Trying To Plan

David Cannon. Getty Images.

You can look at any group chat in America and they're all going to be filled with thousands of plans that have, for some reason or another, unfortunately never left the group chat phase. Perhaps they were plans there were originally made while the boys were drunk. Perhaps they were plans that were originally made before any of the wives had a chance to put the kibosh on them. Perhaps life just gets in the way sometimes and the scheduling could never work out. Regardless, there are probably countless plans that you and your crew were all fired up about for a few days before they were ultimately abandoned. 

Let this blog be your sign to go ahead and follow through with the golf trip you've all been talking about. 

I went down to Pinehurst with my crew for the first time this past weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to spend 100 days there like Riggs, but 3 days was more than enough to realize why he was crying his balls off while he was leaving. The place is immaculate and somehow you still have a shit-eating grin glued to your face while you follow up a double bogey with a triple. The golf portion of the trip is obviously killer, but the biggest thing is getting that chance to be with the squad for however long your trip ends up being. 

The older you get the tougher it is to be with the fellas. Guys move away, you start having kids, things just take up too much of your time to get the whole band together for an entire weekend of debauchery every week. Now the younger guys reading this blog right now still have some bachelor parties to look forward to. But once all of those are out of the way, the golf trip is the next logical progression. An excuse to get a collection of your best dudes together to leave everything they have going on in life behind for a few days to just get after it. It doesn't matter where you end up going, all that really matters are the vibes. But obviously going some place sick immediately starts the vibes at a maximum. 

All I'm saying here is that it's worth whatever you end up paying. It's worth whatever crippling hangover you deal with on that Monday and your body feeling like it's being held together by used bubble gum. If you and your boys have been flirting around with the idea of taking that golf trip but the plans just haven't made their way out of the group chat yet, make it happen.