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I Am Sad To Report That The Chicago Sun-Times Is Hereby Banned After Their Headline About Justin Fields

"...Fields can't execute in crunch time"--SunTimes

I mean read the fucking room and watch the game. Fields certainly has room to improve as a passer, but leading with how a 23 year-old, first year starting QB, can't execute in crunch time made me want to puke. For the first time in the history of this city the Bears have a QB of the present and future. The Bears have scored 29 points in three straight games and haven't gotten wins. That is hardly all on Justin Fields because he "can't execute" in crunch time. This was always going to be a rebuilding year. We knew that going in. 

The most important thing about this season was finding out if Justin Fields was a guy. He is THE guy. This is the right way to look at it in my opinion

I don't what this fucking stock graph means exactly but his stock is UP and that is a fact. The Bears offense with all of it's warts is STILL productive and it will continue to improve as Poles adds more weapons and production around Fields. This season is a launching pad and Fields is certainly taking off in a way that makes Chicago, but not the Sun-Times, optimistic for the first time probably ever. And that is a very rare thing. Look around the league. How many teams feel good about the future of the quarterback position? That number is probably less than 10 as you factor in age and performance of certain established QBs (like say Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson) and young QBs who aren't inspiring confidence yet (like say...every other QB in Justin Fields's draft class). 

The Bears are in a good spot. It's getting to the point that I will be surprised and disappointed if they aren't challenging for the NFC North crown next year. They have a Coach, they have a QB, they have a core, they have full allotment of draft picks, and they have roughly a gazillion dollars in cap space. In a development year they easily could've had wins against Washington and Detroit, and were also right there against Minnesota, Miami, and the Giants who all are looking like playoff teams right now. This is a time for optimism. Not for tearing down a kid who is tough as nails, improving all the time, and an absolute electric factory with the ball in his hands. Fields is H1M