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Daughter of The Year Candidate Took Her Dad To A Strip Joint For His 100th Birthday And Bought Him Lap Dances All Night

TMZ - A father in Texas has a daughter who truly loves him ... because she took him to see some strippers to celebrate a century on Earth.

Gioacchino "Jack" Poma recently celebrated 100 trips around the Sun, and to mark the special occasion, his daughter Dina took her dad to a Dallas gentlemen's club, The Lodge.

Jack's daughter says her father loves two things in life ... women generally and boobs specifically ... so a strip joint made perfect sense for his 100th bday.

Dina says her father hadn't been to a strip club since his youth ... and when he showed up to The Lodge Halloween night, he was like a kid in a candy store.

(Hall of Fame Picture right there)

Hey Jack, first off happy fuckin birthday you old swashbuckler you. 100 years on this God forsaken hellspace is no joke. Congratulations.

But let’s not insult each others intelligence here. “Hasn’t been to a strip club “since his youth”?”

Give me a break.

As my tweet above this reads, I know a cocksman when I see one. And you my friend are a cocksman.

I get that you didn’t want your sweet daughter Dina to think you’re a big strip club guy, so downplaying it is only natural. 

But between you and me, how hard was it when you walked in to tell all your girls (and the gm, and the doorman, and the bathroom attendant) to pretend they’ve never seen you before because you were with your daughter?

I’m honestly more impressed with your ability to pull that off than I am that you managed to make it to 100. Well done.

So happy birthday old balls. Keep that fire burning. And we’ll keep our little secret between us. 

P.s.- not saying Jack here’s a “strip club guy” but we all know him. He’s the guy who can’t suggest going to one quick enough the second the clock expires on the last game of the night and the bar is starting to wind down. He walks you and your group in, no cover, because he knows the door guy by first name and vice versa. Everybody he walks by in the place gives him a handshake, or a hug pressing their tits he helped pay for against him. A private table is a must, and he rotates between that and the chow-line when one of “his girls” is on stage.

He’s been glued to your ear talking it off all Goddamn night, while you’re just trying to have a few beers and watch the game at the bar, but once you walk into that “gentleman’s club” (as he calls it) it’s like he doesn’t even know you. He’s like a dog in heat. He’s in his element. And it’s only a matter of time (usually 20-30 min) before he disappears into the back room for private dances, (with not one, but two girls) and you don’t see him again for a month.