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Mike Tyson Has Teamed Up With Evander Holyfield To Sell Edible Gummy Cannabis Ears Called "Holy Ears"

Michael Tullberg. Getty Images.

NY Post- One of the most infamous moments in sports history has a happy ending.

Mike Tyson’s “Mike Bites” cannabis gummies have been a hot seller in legal states. About six weeks ago, he relayed a vision to his business partner, Chad Bronstein, of bringing Evander Holyfield into the fold for the holidays. So it was that a deal quickly came together to launch a new line of “Holy Ears” under the Tyson 2.0 umbrella.

“I wanted to make sure that things were going to be right, and I realized it was a good deal,” Holyfield told The Post. The genesis of this unlikely partnership dates back to the two fights Tyson and Holyfield had in 1996 and ’97. Holyfield won the first by TKO in the 11th round, and was controlling the second fight when Tyson surreally bit the top of his ear off.

So Mike Tyson released these edible cannabis ears a few months ago.

The edible cannabis ears, which I can't believe is a sentence I am typing, were apparently such a big success that Mike decided to bring in his old pal Evander Holyfield to sell a new version of them.

I think this is both hilarious and kind of an "aw, man" moment. It's obviously genius, selling ear shaped edibles coming from the guys who had the most infamous ear biting moment ever. 

But at the same time I always like to think that Holyfield fucking HATES Tyson for life. I love a good, long grudge story even if it's fake, and this partnership makes both of these guys look…a little soft? I know it's all theatrics and both of these men could murder me within seconds, but WHERE'S THE ANGER! Where's the animosity?? Does money and a good brand deal really conquer all? 

It seems Holyfield never intended to stay mad at Mike, based on this quote directly after their famous fight:

Holyfield clearly did not hold an everlasting grudge — he also forgave Tyson in the immediate wake of the incident.

“I walked back to the locker room and said I was going to forgive him,” Holyfield said. “They [my camp] were like, ‘You can’t forgive him!’ I was like, ‘He bit me. He didn’t bite y’all.'”

And now they're just sitting by the fire in their Christmas Sweaters, slangin' weed. 

The two former adversaries have different uses for the cannabis. Holyfield sampled some and said “it put me to sleep — it was the nicest sleep I had in a long time.” Presumably, that was an indica strain used for relaxation.

Tyson, on the other hand, prefers sativa, which has more active effects.

“It has to be sativa, because my brain is always moving,” he said. Right now his favorite strain is sweet diesel, a cross between sour diesel and OG kush.

I love it, I'm bummed out by it, but I also think I get it.