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The Way Giannis Talks About Victor Wembanyama Should Have The Entire NBA Terrified

Garrett Ellwood. Getty Images.

By now, pretty much the entire planet knows what a monster Victor Wembanyama is on the basketball court. There's a reason every single thing he does goes viral. It legit breaks your brain to the point where you almost don't even know what you're watching. None of it makes sense.

It's one thing for talking heads or Twitter to lose their mind over this guy, that's what we do as fans. But whenever it comes to this elite prospects and once in a generation talents, I put way more stock into what players/scouts/etc say when talking about that guy. I feel like you can put more weight in it since they're actually living that life.

Enter Giannis. If there's someone who knows a thing or two about being a generational basketball alien that does nothing but strike fear into his opponents, it's Giannis. Often times you watch Giannis play and he does shit that makes no goddamn sense, so I trust his evaluation of a prospect that appears to be doing the same shit….and then some.

When Giannis is telling you to "get ready", and that he's "never seen this before in his life", combined with the facial expressions in that video, yeah….this is the type of validation you can trust. A talent so rare that one of the greatest players in league history confirms what our idiot fan eyes are seeing. This isn't a case of the NBA or ESPN overhyping this kid for ratings or money or any of that. It's because it's all true! It's warranted! I dunno about you, but I simply cannot get enough Wembanyama. When you're seeing something that special and that rare, you can't stop watching.

You know the saying real recognize real? To me. that's what's happening here with Giannis and that clip. Something tells me he knows a thing or two about being a unicorn international prospect with a ton of skill but was skinny as shit and still had a ton of developing to do at the NBA level. While he wasn't this same caliber superstar prospect and instead was extremely unknown, the reason there is so much hype around Wembanyama in the first place is because players like Giannis helped create that path.  

Of course, so much of Wembanyama reaching his potential is health, and outside of that, I can't possibly see a flaw in his game. I have little doubt that once he gets into an NBA program he'll be able to put on some weight, just like Giannis did, but even if he's some sort of taller KD hybrid and he stays relatively skinny, we've seen that body type still find ways to dominate the league. When you're "that guy" you figure it out.

As I've blogged before, I am all aboard the Wembanyama to the Pelicans via the Lakers pick train for a multitude of reasons. Not just how he would fit with that roster which would be incredible, but also the poetic justice given what happened with AD. With the Lakers sitting at 3-10 and currently 15th in the West, that doesn't sound all that crazy, does it? 

But you heard Giannis. When it comes to Wembanyama, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.