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Hannah Storm Is Still Bringing The Heat At 60 Years Old

I got some guff for this earlier today as I got to the office early (shoutout to me for being a grinder) to watch Bucs vs. Seahawks from Germany in the gambling cave. I was watching the game on NFL Network on one TV, but the TV next to the game was playing SportsCenter. That's when I saw Hannah Storm and snapped this pic. I was shocked. I hadn't seen her in several years as I don't watch SportsCenter much since the internet got so ingrained in my life, but wow.

I remember Hannah Storm from the NBA on NBC pre-game and half-time show. She was very good on that and obviously a talented media professional. Hadn't thought too much about Hannah Storm since then, but then I wondered, how old was she? I was watching the NBA on NBC in the 90s! That was like 25 years ago! It turns out, she's 60! I was in awe! She looks great!

I went to Instagram, shot her a follow, and it was confirmed!

Maybe a Bucs fan too??

She's always been very good at her job, and at 60-years old, honestly looks incredible. Good for you Hannah Storm!