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I May Be The World's Greatest Parallel Parker

Shutterstock Images.

I've gone on record saying that I'm not a great driver. 

I drive very slowly, get flustered with quick changes in directions like quick turns after another turn, and put my foot on the brake far too often, and my signal game could be better. Lane change assist and backup cameras have been especially huge for me. 

But one thing I absolutely rock at is parallel parking. Of course, the backup cameras helps with that, but I am very good. Finding the correct angles, stopping, reversing, turning, going forward - I can do it all! I was always pretty good at it. Maybe because I've always backed into my driveway, even as a teen. I'd rather just see what I'm rolling out to and get my work done ahead of time. 

So on Sunday, driving into the office for a football Sunday, I found a great spot to park in New York City just a block from the office! I peeped it out of the corner of my eye and thought it was juuuuust big enough. Well I was right because I fit this thing in! Now, this was about a 45 second operation, but I'm surgical with this bitch!

I posted this photo and received multiple DMs and texts from people just wanting to congratulate me. Look at this park job!

Tha margin for error is razor thin! But I did not make contact with anybody's bumper and handled this like a gentleman then whole time. All class from your boy SC!

As for getting out…

It was all good! The car in front of me had left, so a perfect parking experience!