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A Missouri Walk-On Pulled Up From Half-Court At The Buzzer While Up 26 Points For One Of The Worst Beats Of All-Time

This is TRAGIC.

Lindenwood (+28.5) trailed Missouri 59-48 with 9:22 left in the game. The Lions managed just five points the rest of the way — which would have been a bad enough way to lose on its own — but even that should have been just enough to hold on for the cover by the skin of their teeth. Ninety-nine percent of players dribble out the last three seconds of a game when their team is up 26 points.

But not Mizzou walk-on Ben Sternberg.

I can't imagine the feeling as a Lindenwood bettor in the couple seconds from the time Sternberg pulls up from 45 feet to the time the ball went through the basket. You just know that bullshit is going in. There's no more helpless feeling on the planet.

Not to mention the fact there was a clear travel before Sternberg let the ball go and subsequently celebrated like he hit a game-winner in the Final Four. Everything about this is as bad as a beat can possibly get. Imagine watching that happen to you in person:

Just absolutely brutal scenes. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy.