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Quick reminder...  Tyler Morin from The Water Coolest and I pooled together $5,001 which we are investing as The Family Office...

This week we highlight all the people who are actively trying to fuck you… Sam Bankman Fried, that government office that took two-thirds of your lottery winnings, and convicted felon Billy McFarland who is out of prison and ready to take you on another treasure hunt…

Mike Coppola. Getty Images.

(Two well-hydrated gents.)

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And, as always, here are a couple of Free GIFts… There's a small segment deep inside the seedy underbelly of GIF world that is made up exclusively of barely-legal female K-Pop singers touching each other playfully on stage… I don't condone it, but I want you to know it exists.


This one is kinda uncomfy.

Take a report.


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