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Floyd Mayweather "Fought" Deji Today And Nobody Seemed To Have The Slightest Clue It Was Happening

Floyd Mayweather fought Deji in an exhibition overseas today and I saw absolutely nobody talking about it until it was over. Even then, though, I only really only saw one or two tweets about how bad it was!

Who is Deji, you ask? KSI's brother. 

Who is KSI, you ask? He's a super famous YouTuber who helped pioneer the whole YouTube boxing wave when he fought Logan Paul not once but twice

Now that we got that outta the way for the olds, what a weird way for Floyd "Money" Mayweather to fade into bolivian, huh? Piecing up YouTubers and kickboxers in exhibition "fights" that absolutely nobody is watching or paying the slightest bit of attention to?

I mean - I know there's always the IRS/tax rumors and I'm sure he's getting paid good money to do these fights (which obviously aren't even a challenge to him), but you'd think someone like Floyd would always have a special allure to his fights - but that is absolutely not the case! Nobody cares anymore

There was NO buzz about this, the Don Moore one, or the Mikuru Asakura one. I remember being intrigued by the initial
Tenshin Nasukawa one - but that sucked, and then obviously Logan Paul was able to bring some mainstream attention to their fight - but that sucked too. I bet some of you didn't even know that he's done so many! There's just nothing special about Floyd Mayweather stepping into the squared circle against these kids.

As far as this one goes - it looks like Floyd clowned Deji the whole time, danced around the ring, missed a buncha shots on purpose to try to make the fight look good, and then finished him when he had enough. I cannot imagine paying for that on PPV.

I did see that John Fury ripped his shirt off to threaten Jake Paul during the undercard tho, and that was pretty funny....