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A Fire Department Absolutely BLASTED A High School Football Team With A Firehose In Practice

We are back for another Football Guy of the Week. Congratulations to multiple-time winner Mike Leach for once again snagging the award. Unfortunately, Leach's WRs have not regained their sitting privileges. 

Now for this week's nominees...

1. Mike Evans HC Canon-McMillan

This is how you win in the rain. If you can run your offense while getting blasted with a firehose, some rain on gameday won't do anything. The firehose was blasting about 90 gallons a minute and absolutely soaking these HS kids. Look, we all know that this was the most efficient use of taxpayer money to ensure the HS football team goes deep into playoffs. Great to see a community pool its resources and literally turn the practice field into a pool. 

2. Sam Porter's friend

This guy was on a totally different planet when his buddy texted him. But this is kind of on his buddy; he knew not to drop that kind of news on his dude on a football Sunday. That was selfish on his part, IMO. 

3. Jeff Saturday HC Colts

This is just an all-time speech; anyone who is underqualified in their profession should use this speech to solidify their place. Thank god Jeff won on Sunday because people would be calling for his head. This speech is so all time in regards to using buzzwords. "I am comfortable in who I am as a man." I am using that line whenever someone comes at me nowadays. 

4. Baker Mayfield, QB, Panthers

This is a leader of men right here. That's how you lead from behind Baker. If you are beating beat out and have to be a backup while being an extremely vocal and brash leader, then this is how you have to do it. Hard-headed football needs hard-headed leadership.