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Wanna Feel Old? Carmelo Anthony's Son Kiyan Has Officially Received An Offer From Syracuse University 

Syracuse has offered a scholarship to the son of Orange legend Carmelo Anthony.

Kiyan Anthony, a 6-foot-5 guard in the 2025 recruiting class, announced on his Twitter page that Syracuse had extended a scholarship offer. Anthony currently attends Christ the King High School in New York City. Father and son made a surprise trip to Syracuse this weekend. Carmelo Anthony received a huge ovation at Syracuse’s football game against Florida State at the JMA Wireless Dome on Saturday night.

Kiyan Anthony is ranked No. 62 in the ‘25 class by He also has scholarship offers from Memphis, Manhattan andBryant.

My god does this make me feel ancient. Carmelo Anthony's kid has officially received an offer from Syracuse University. I remember Kiyan sitting court-side as a kid all the time during Melo's Knicks days and now he's getting ready for college basketball. Currently ranked as the 62nd best player in the 2025 class, you gotta imagine he takes the Cuse offer. Carmelo loves his alma mater and has donated a ton to make the facilities better over the years. Considering the other options currently are Memphis, Manhattan, and Bryant I don't see how his son goes anywhere else. 

While potentially getting Melo's kid is awesome, there's one issue I have with all of this — Boeheim. Does this mean the plan is for Jim to stick around for several more years? I thought we were done with him after his own kids came into the system and then graduated. 

Jimmy and Buddy have moved on, but Jim remains. I really don't wanna deal with this dinosaur that much longer. I always get into arguments with older Cuse fans about how I don't really care for Boeheim anymore. Yes he won a title, but you can squarely thank Carmelo for that one. Other than that? Yeah the Big East was theirs for a while which was awesome, but the ACC move has squarely backfired. I'm sure it brought in a ton of money for the school which was the main goal, but success wise it hasn't been great. Since their magical run to the final four in 2011-2012 (my freshman year there), it's been quite the disaster actually. They haven't been above an 8 seed in 8 years! 

The recruits have stopped pouring in and it's not uncommon to see talented guys on the roster transfer out. It took until this year for Boeheim to stop being married to the 2-3 defense. In Syracuse's first game this year they played man to man defense for the vast majority of the contest. I've begged for years for him to make the switch or at least run adjust to man if the zone is getting killed. Finally we appear to be there. But still, it's been time for a change for quite a while now. I'm just worried we never see it. 

Kiyan, save us.