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FOOTBALL GIRL: All Brian Daboll's Daughter Wanted For Her Birthday Today Was A Giants Win, Which Her Dad Personally Hand Delivered

I don't care how crazy the Giants locker room got while celebrating that W. Someone better make sure Brian Daboll's daughter gets herself a game ball with her name on it in the fanciest calligraphy the Maras can afford. I know the Giants won a game they were supposed to win, which is preposterous to even think about after the last five years of hell and a thing they had trouble doing even during the Tom Coughlin glory days.  

But Coach Daboll had his guys ready to roll out of the bye week because he knew he couldn't let his daughter down. Because if you think dealing with millions of cranky New York football fans and the notoriously dickheadish New York media is tough, try going home to your kid without the ONE thing they asked you to get them for their birthday. At that point, Daboll would have to sleep in his office for the next week just so he didn't want to face the look of disappointment on his daughter's face after he couldn't deliver on her birthday wish (along with her dad probably being a grumpy son of a bitch for the next seven days).

In fact, if Coach Daboll is as good of a dad as he is a football coach, he's showing up at home with a game ball along with the biggest dollhouse he can find on the way home to make this a birthday his daughter never forgets. Actually I don't know where they even sell toys in 2022 outside of a few stray aisles in Walmart, Target, and Kohls. So maybe he can just buy her the biggest, prettiest shed he can find on his ride back to the Casa de Daboll for his daughter to play with all her toys since that's the type of move the HC of NYG should be pulling for his little princess.

Anyway, the New York Giants simply refuse to lose football games now and are 7-2, no matter how much Kenny Golladay tried to sabotage Big Blue in the first half. Football is fun again and it's all thanks to our beautiful bald and bearded short king. Smoke'em if you got'em tonight and tomorrow on Victory Monday!

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