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Chris Gutierrez Just Ended Frankie Edgar's Career With A VICIOUS Knee To The Dome

Damn. This card is just full of these VICIOUS, BRUTAL, DEVASTATING knockouts. Everyone's gettin $50k tonight.

What a tough way for a legend like Frankie Edgar to end his career, though. He got knocked out as bad as anybody in his final few fights. There's a reason they say there aren't happy endings in this sport - time catches up to everyone. Never forget the savage that Frankie was in his prime, though. He delivered some of the greatest fights and performances the sport has ever seen.

Just a shame he couldn't get one more win to walk out on. Everyone was hoping for the same thing, clearly; I've never heard the Garden go silent like they did after this knockout. You could hear a pin drop in the arena.

Shoutout to Chris Guiterrez for the tremendous finish. He was in a tough spot having to put Frankie into retirement here with everyone rooting against him. He's got a hugely bright future/high ceiling.