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It's been a while since I've used the term "Shadow Realm" in a headline but MY GOD was this knockout worthy of it.

Ryan Spann just SLEPT Dominick Reyes in the very first round, absolutely dedding him in the middle of the octagon. As a Reyes fan, that was a little tough to watch, but after the Meatball Molly fight I kinda just feel dead inside so it's fine.

Dominick Reyes has now lost four in a row, but the strength of schedule he has faced is just insane - those losses are to Jan Blachowicz, Jon Jones, Jiri Procházka, and now Ryan Spann. A lot of people think he won the Jon Jones fight too! Issue is, he's been knocked out SO BADLY in the past couple that I don't know how that doesn't change you as a fighter. Retirement may be the next move for him, I don't know. I really feel for the guy.

When it comes to what's next for Ryan Spann?! Dustin Jacoby just ran up to me and said he wants him next!

Robbie Matchmaker!