Lane Kiffin Has Himself To Blame

"I blame myself" - Timmy Timmons (Sandlot) 

If you are an Ole Miss fan you should DEMAND those words out of Head Coach Lane Kiffin tonight in the press conference or tomorrow in the papers. Let me explain .. 

11:50 left in the 1st Quarter and Ole Miss opens the game by driving down to the Alabama 12. On 4th and 2, Lane elects to go for it instead of kicking the FG. Now.... as Kelly in Vegas says "Kicking is for losers" but I think situations matter. And in this situation when you are Ole Miss looking to pull out a huge win at home against Alabama who seems to have 900 lives not 9 lives ... you need to take every opportunity to score you can. I said it in real time the minute I saw it. 

Ole Miss didn't convert and sure as shit that Field Goal they likely would have gotten came back to bite them in the ass late in the game as Bama's 6 point lead would have been 3 and another Ole Miss field goal would have tied the game. 

Lane is super aggressive and it's why Rebels fans like him. He's playing to win games and score points, but at some point should he have a sense of playing it safe ? Wouldn't a field goal there be a great start to the game? Wouldn't scoring on your opening possession be good ? Don't you think Alabama is going to be in the game right down to the end and you'll need points any way you can get them to keep up ? 

I wonder if any of that went through Lane's head. I'm sure it did, but when you have a guy notorious for pushing his chips in the middle and rolling the dice, those thoughts of playing it safe rarely get acted on. It's just how he's cut. Tigers cant change their stripes. I wonder if a night like tonight and that result somewhat blowing up in his face will change his tune of going "all in" all the time. 

What would all the experts in the comments have done ? Am I wrong to have wanted him to kick if I was an Ole Miss fan ? What would you have wanted ?