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Chris Fallica Is The Biggest Loser In College Football After Saying Tennessee Beat Missouri By Too Much

Tennessee had the ball at Missouri's 1-yard line leading 59-24 with a little over a minute left on Saturday. All we've heard since Tuesday night's College Football Playoff rankings which had the Vols at No. 5 was how UT needed to not only win its last three games, but put up style points. That being the case, Josh Heupel elected to let freshman running back Dylan Sampson — Tennessee had its second-team offense on the field for the entire drive — punch in a touchdown to win 66-24.

And after everyone said Tennessee needed to win these games convincingly, Chris Fallica now seems to think the Vols won by too much.

Bear has officially made the list. There has never been a shortage of Tennessee enemies in the national media, but the list seems to be growing now that the Vols are a legitimate threat to the power balance of college football.

Last week it was that a 14-point road loss to Georgia was actually way worse than it looked and now it's that we won by too much. There's nothing you can do to appease these morons, so you may as well just score as many points as you can.

If Tennessee didn't score that last touchdown, the narrative coming out of this game would have been that the Vols struggled in the first half and only led by four points early in the third quarter, so the game was actually closer than the score indicated. No matter what happened, the media haters were going to find some way to blame Tennessee. So just go ahead and make the talk about you being too good.

It is Missouri's job to stop Tennessee, not Tennessee's job to stop itself to appease Missouri's — and Fallica's — feelings. Also, I must have missed Bear's comments on USC last night:

I wish Heupel would have onside kicked after the last touchdown and gone for 70. This is college football. Not everyone gets a trophy.