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Do NOT Let This Guy And His Costco Card Anywhere Near Your Girl

I wanted to say do not let this pimp in the headline but I don't think anyone says pimp anymore. It's not the early-2000s, idiot. Anyways, all I know is do not let this guy and his Costco card anywhere around your broad (girl). They will be left in such a soaking wet mess they will have no choice but to go home with him. They will leave you in a heartbeat the moment this guy breaks out the game-changer. How do you compete with that? A black card? Good luck. Sam's Club? Okay, poor guy. BJ's? Buddy, the only one getting a BJ is this fella right here. 

You can see it on this girl's face. She's amazed. She's bewildered even. How could this man, dressed in a ref uniform on a Friday afternoon at a Boston College game, break out this move on me? She has no other decision but to mutter the words 'wow.' Now she's on her way to go get a $1.50 hot dog and unlimited refills soda. The man is a menace to society with this.