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At Least We Have Louisville Basketball Getting Its Heart Ripped Out By Another Mid-Major To Help Us Laugh

At least we have this to help us from not going off the deep end. Yeah, sure, Kentucky football just had its most pathetic showing in school history. Nobody is denying that. At least we're not 0-2 with home losses to mid-majors to get our hearts ripped out. Like Cal said we're a basketball school first. Only an idiot (or a pansy ass coach who punts from the 50 on 4th and 1) would argue that and 2) be wrong. 

Luckily we can all take a moment and laugh at Louisville basketball. Kenny Payne is the enemy now. I will always love the Kentucky and Knicks version of him. But the Louisville version of him is someone I don't care for. Not one bit. Which is why this loss and these stats makes me smile. It's all I can do right now. 

So, yeah, I'm going to celebrate a loss to Bellarmine and a loss to Wright State at home. Kentucky basketball doesn't play today or I'd celebrate them too. Whatever, I'm still pissed.