Raking Your Leaves Is A Waste Of Time When You Can Mow Them Instead

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It's that time of year- If you've got any trees in your yard, your lawn is probably covered with leaves. As a homeowner, there are a lot of annoying tasks you have to do, with shoveling the snow probably leading the pack. For some reason as a kid you can shovel the driveway for hours, but as an adult I can't walk for a week after shoveling. While raking the leaves certainly isn't that bad, it's not exactly fun. The rake itself can give you splinters, it's tedious, the leaves are always bunching up between the spokes. I feel there has to be someone at MIT who can make changes to the rake. Advance the technology or something. I've had the same rake for years, do they even sell new rakes? I feel like you just inherit rakes. Mine looks like it survived both World Wars.

So yes, I would like to avoid raking leaves. But I also want my luscious green grass back! What's a man to do?

Well, it turns out there is a cheat to help get those dead leaves off your lawn and get that green grass back. Instead of raking your leaves into bags or a big pile that'll just blow back onto your lawn, mow them instead.

"Mowing leaves is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. By chopping fallen leaves into dime-sized pieces with your mower, you prevent your yard from being smothered with leaves. Instead, you transform fall foliage into a natural lawn fertilizer that will break down in just a few months." - peppershomeandgarden.com

Well would you look at that?? Big rake has been fooling us for years. They are probably in cahoots with the big black plastic bag industry if I had to guess.

Check out the difference here:

So next time you go out to rake, leave it right there in the garage next to the tennis racket your wife has never picked up, the half-deflated basketball, and the twisted up badminton net that you should just throw away. Don't waste your weekend raking, get out there and give it one more mow for the season and get your lawn back!