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The Coaches Being Mic'd Up Talking About Dave's Pick Was So Awesome And We Need More Of it

This is something we need more of. Both coaches mic'd up during the game and just openly talking about how Dave's pick of Toledo +5 is motivation. For Andy Kennedy? Oh he knew all about it. He doesn't take it personally though. No worries. He just happened to say it after 'oh, I told the guys the founder of the company just so happened to take the other team.' I love it. Andy Kennedy is awesome to begin with. He supports Barstool and has hopped on a bunch of shows throughout the year. Even better was when he just stayed mic'd up. Honestly I wish he never get off the mic. Him reacting as Jelly Walker launched a horrendous shot was perfect for TV. Got to see a real life reaction between a coach and his star. 

On the flip side, Toledo's coach is trying to look good: 

Dave didn't even bring up the fact he took Toledo. Kowalczyk just knew. That's preparation at its finest. He knew who was on what and knew to bring it up while he was mic'd up. 

Give me more of this. Give me two announcers on opposite sides of the game. This is why we're the only people that can pull this off.