Leon Edwards Says He'd Like To Fight Jorge Masvidal Next If He Could Get A Win

Leon Edwards joined us in-studio on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show today to discuss his recent miraculous championship win, how the past couple months have been treating him, and plenty more.

When discussing the potential of a Jorge Masvidal fight down the line, Leon surprised us and said he'd actually rather take that fight first, and then complete the trilogy with Kamaru Usman (about 25 minutes into that video). Obviously Leon is well aware that Masvidal is on a streak of multiple losses in a row, and that Jorge would have to pick up a big win (probably over someone in the Top 5) to earn a title shot, but that's just his preference apparently. It didn't even sound like it was about the stylistic matchup - as we all know Usman is a much tougher fight than Masvidal nowadays - it sounded more about the potential buys. 

They'd be able to work in the "three piece and a soda" in the promos and all of that....

I'd love for you guys to give this interview a shot, because I think it was one of the best, funniest, and most natural we've done on our show. 

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