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BASEketball In Real Life - Jeremy Sochan Tried To Get Into Steven Adams' Head By Punching His Nipple During The Last Play Of The Game

I'm all in on this. I've said it before but we should 100% be allowed to use BASEketball style psych outs at the free throw line. Spice up the game a little bit: 

We know fans behind the bucket will do things. But let's step it up a bit. If we can have college basketball games be played outdoors and the NBA All-Star game with an Elam Ending, we can add in psych outs. Add one roster spot and have them be the designated psych out guy like volleyball has the one person wear a different color jersey. Maybe not for all games, but at least the All Star Game should have this. 

Now that said, Steven Adams is the LAST guy I'd fuck around with. That man will win any fight in the NBA. He's the No. 1 guy in a draft of who I want on my side in a basketball brawl. Punching his nipple and pinching him? That could lead to a swift headbutt, I'm not putting it past him. This is a man who spent quarantine practicing by boxing out cows. I don't need him getting mad at me, even in a 2-point game. 

Somehow I still think BASEketball is an underrated movie. Every single person my age spent summers playing this, or at least attempting to. The quotes are still said and shit, I'm talking about psych outs in this blog. The movie isn't called Get Fucked, it's BASEketball. A classic.