Top Twitter Execs Resign As Elon Floats The Idea Of Bankruptcy

Everyone is FREAKING out about the state of twitter these days and Elon is catching alllll sorts of shrapnel from the people who hate him. They claim that twitter has major security threats, that it is hemoraging money, and that the company is extremely bloated. All of that is true. You know who knew about that? Literally the entire world for years. Twitter's head of security, hired by the old regime, testified under oath in front of congress saying those things

And yet, now that there is a new owner that is doing things like letting people speak and making people go to work people are acting like it is some sort of Elon leadership driven crisis.

Everyone ALWAYS knew that twitter was a mess. That it was a complete rat's nest. Elon obviously knew it too which is why he had second thoughts about going through with the purchase. I highly doubt he is surprised by any of this except for maybe activists and insiders (who were soon to be outsiders) allegedly sabotaging the twitter upfront and scaring off advertisers which has reportedly cost them close to a billion dollars. 

Is Elon doing a good job so far with twitter? I legitimately have no idea. The verification roll out seems clumsy and problematic at best, but something tells me if there were someone else in charge it wouldn't be causing people to have meltdowns. I am sure there are plenty of reasons to criticize Elon, but inhereting problems from a previous regime that someone outlined under oath in a congressional hearing shouldn't be one of them. 

If there is one thing we know about Elon is that he is good at using twitter to his benefit. I think he has been slapped by the SEC for this very thing before, but this whole bankruptcy threat might just be a threat to lower the price of the debt held by twitter. Chris Sacca did a great job laying this out

I don't care if you hate Elon. I can understand if you do though. Sometimes you just hate people. Like me, I HATE Aaron Rodgers, but I had to wait until this year to say he sucks because it wasn't true until this year. He sucks big time and the Packers might be dead in the North for a long time. Never seen him suck this hard. It's great. If you're an Elon hater, wait for that moment when it's true. I don't think 13 days into owning a 44 billion dollar social media app where all the employees hate you is that time.