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Two Scientists Went On Joe Rogan And Gave A Great Breakdown Of How The Great Pyramids ACTUALLY Came To Be (According To Them)


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Rogan is in the ZONE right now. Politicians, coronavirus "experts", vaccine freaks, and all of the people of their ilk can fuck the FUCK off. Those guys are not the Joe Rogan Experience we've all grown to know in love. In the last 2-3 months, Rogan has reached back, tucked his sack back and thrown 99MPH heaters with interviews with people who love aliens, science freaks, fun conspiracies, time travel experts and a bunch of cool and interesting shit like that… and even if it's all probably bullshit, it's still fun to listen to. 

And now we're talking pyramids. One of the 7 Wonders of the World, most people think the Great Pyramids are (supposedly) the home to ancient Pharaohs tombs and were constructed by slaves around 2600BC. 

Not according to Graham Hancock or Randall Carlson though. That shit is WRONG!!!

NOPE!!!!! Fuck outta my face. You think human civilization only started around 6,000 years ago? Think again, you fucking idiots.  Hancock and Carlson want everyone who abides by that hive mind bullshit to fuck all the way off. It's been around 12,000 years and had to restart around 11,000 years ago due to a "cataclysmic event" - and one that may have been responsible for the disappearance of the "Lost City of Atlantis" - and it wasn't until around 6800 years ago that we finally became "people" again. 

Sadly, aliens didn't construct the pyramids. At least in the opinion of these two cats… and ya know what? These guys are authors and appeared on the internet… so I believe them, yo. Idk why, but I do. 

Here are a few notes from the interview that blew my hair back:

- a lot of the granite used to build the great pyramids are from stone 500+ miles south of where the pyramids are actually located
- people located in the Maldives that have worked IN SECRET over the last few decades are about to "open source some time in the next 3 months" secrets on the pyramids and are studying "ancient technologies" and "alternative path technologies" that may have been used to construct the pyramids that are "INSANELY" advanced comparative to current technology
- there is now at least a little understanding that the pyramids are MUCH older than we originally though

Here is the whole interview:

Have a listen. It's much more interesting than the mundane bullshit Rogan was obsessed with 2020-2022.