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This Week's Andor Is Not Only One Of The Best TV Episodes Of 2022, It Is One Of The Best Pieces Of Star Wars Content Ever


I know that headline may seem like a hot take to people that didn't watch Episode 10 of Andor given that Star Wars is 45 years old and there have been countless pieces of content dropped from a galaxy far, far away. But I'm sticking by it because Andor delivered everything we hoped it was building toward with an absolutely outstanding prison break followed by two S Tier monologues by Andy Serkis and Stellan Skarsgård (and because, let's be honest, Star Wars has had plenty of misses over those 45 years).

Luthen spitting bars about sharing dreams with ghosts in a sunless mind with his cape blowing in the wind was about as badass as it gets. But it hits even harder when you place it over this supercut of scenes starring Star Wars rebels old and new.

While Kino hyping people up to fight like a Buffer brother has me ready to grab a blaster before having me reach for the tissues with a moment that almost broke me, which is impressive since he's a fictional character that I just met two weeks ago.

Getting thrown in a prison camp is a bad break. But getting thrown in a prison camp, leading a break of said prison, then not being able to swim when that's the only way to escape is the worst of breaks on par with betting the 2016 Falcons would win the Super Bowl in preseason then watching 28-3 unfold in front of your eyes in the Big Game.

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Sorry, Matt. That was probably too soon.

Anyway, Robbie and I broke down this entire AWESOME episode on this week's My Mom's Basement along with what we hope to see in the upcoming 2-part season finale (as well as an all-time wild conspiracy theory about what happened to Kino).