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The FBI Apparently Has Raided The Home Of A Guy Who Runs A Website Dedicated To UFOs

Damn! I am so disappointed that I never knew about this website. This is like showing up to the biggest party of the year the moment it gets shut down. You read that initial tweet and headline and you're "Jesus Christ, FBI. Doth protest too much". Then you scroll down to the third tweet and see "images of the secret base posted online may have initiated such a vigorous actions by federal law enforcement". Uhhh...DING DING DING. I am guessing that is it. Willing to guarantee it. I don't like the government. I want to know about Aliens. I do think they are hiding information about aliens and UFOs for some unknown reason. Having said that...you can't just go around posting photos of a top secret military institution and then be like "why are the Feds attacking me?!". You know why, bud. You know. If this guy were taking drone pics of my house I'd be pissed and all I have here is a messy kitchen and a box of Barstool Ugly Christmas Sweaters. You start posting pictures of Alien and military technology and the government is going to take a shit on your life. They probably didn't need to hold his girlfriend at gunpoint, but I bet this guy doesn't flirt with the line anymore. And the line is exactly this

Dan Callister. Getty Images.

Having said ALL of that…kind of an excessive response by the government when they say things like this


Just show us the fucking aliens and we will all lose interest. The coverup is always worse than the actual controversy. We can handle alien information. I promise.