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Find Yourself Someone Who Loves You Like Marcus Smart Loves Isaiah Thomas

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

Before the Celts take on the Nuggets tomorrow night in Boston, Marcus Smart and his YGC Foundation are holding their 2022 Bowling Bash Fundraiser in the Back Bay. It's a pretty awesome event for a great cause, and I can't think of a better way for everyone to bond and continue the good vibes of their 8-3 start.

But there was a moment that came across my timeline from the festivities that legit made my heart explode. The event is sold out as it usually is, but you know who found a way to make an appearance? 

Giphy Images.

You know who loves and trusts? Isaiah. I can't lie, watching that short clip brought on a gigantic wave of emotion and boy did I love every second of it. I imagine I am not alone in that regard if you're also a Celts fan watching that clip. I mean everyone knows by now I'm a gigantic Isaiah guy. Always have been always will be. What he did for this franchise in his 2.5 years in Boston was legitimately legendary. He was around for the beginning of the Marcus Smart Experience and the moments they had together on the floor were things we'll all remember forever. It's also no secret that I am basically driving the Marcus Smart bandwagon and continue to be proven right on a nightly basis, so to see them back together again, man, what a moment.

But really, this is just another example of #relationshipgoals. Does anyone in your life love you like this? It just goes to show why you should never settle. True love does exist, and Marcus and Isaiah just showed us all what that looks like.

And look, I'd be lying to you if I didn't for a brief second think that Brad should cut Justin Jackson and sign Isaiah. Especially with Malcolm Brogdon's hamstring already acting up. But I eventually came back to earth and accepted that type of fairy tale will never happen. The ship has sailed sadly.

Here I was just minding my business watching the games tonight and now I'm still a little emotional as I wrap up this blog. The 8-3 start was good enough, but this? This just fills my heart with so much joy.

It also allows me to post this 2016-17 Isaiah highlight video as a reminder of one of the best individual offensive seasons in Celtics franchise history. That's not hyperbole either. That's how insane Isaiah was that year.