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Madonna Is Now Drinking Water Out Of Dog Bowls And Posing With Condiments In A Sexual Way On Instagram

“Girl gone wild.”

Madonna’s social media presence keeps getting more “disturbing” by the day after the singer shared an Instagram video where she licked water out of a dog bowl and posed sexually with various objects.

In an Instagram Reel uploaded on Wednesday, the “Vogue” songstress put together several photos where she showed off her neon green sweater paired with sparkly booty shorts, tights and thigh-high boots.

In a few of the pics, the 64-year-old posed alongside a motorcycle and a food pantry. However, things took a turn for the odd when she then began posing sexually with a sriracha and mustard bottle.

Oh.....okay Madge?

What the fuck are we doing here, girl? I don't understand when people log onto the internet and think "these photos of me pretending to put Sriracha and Mustard up my ass followed by a creepy video of me drinking out of a dog bowl is what's going to get the people going." Are we talking about her? Sure. Does anyone want to be talked about like this? 

If even Page Six is saying your videos are "embarrassing," you may have to take a long hard look at yourself. The rest of the photos in this weird fucked up montage aren't bad! She looks cool and edgy! Did we need to get into the food play and dog stuff? Is Madonna looking for someone to treat her like a dog? She did date Dennis Rodman for 2 months, and in that time he offered to pay her 20 million to get her pregnant (she declined) but I have to imagine he's loving this? Maybe just send these psycho videos to him directly?

Bizarre all around.