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There Was An All-Time Crazy Police Chase Last Night Straight From GTA Where A Suspect Stole Multiple Vehicles, Broke Into A House, And Rammed Through Tons Of Cars Before Being Arrested At A Gas Station

Highlights For The Casual Police Chase Crowd That Don't Have 100 Minutes To Burn:

Hello everybody, it is your favorite Barstool police chase blogger with a fresh chase to burn out a little more time from your work day! 

Usually I reserve these blogs for people that stole weird vehicles because watching a U-Haul or ambulance involved in a high, medium, or even low speed chase tickles my idiot brain since stealing those vehicles was my favorite thing to do in GTA back when Rockstar actually made new GTA games. 

However last night's man on the run was the personification of the human spirit and clearly lived by Jimmy V's phrase "Don't give up. Don't ever give up". Stealing three different vehicles, running through a house then fighting people in said house before stealing their truck, and ramming your way through police cars without a tire is not only blog worthy but it's what every person does when shit hits the fan in a GTA mission and worthy of all the memes about having that dawg in you and being built different.

Most police chases would be over once there were three cop cars surrounding your van with flat tires.

Instead that crazy son of a bitch crawled out the passenger window before appearing to commit breaking & entering, assault, and a second charge of grand theft auto of the chase before finally getting arrested with no less than 4 Wanted Stars to his name (which almost definitely would've ended with the gas station blowing up if this was a real game of GTA since that was always the move instead of getting arrested).

I'm sure there have been wilder police chases, but this is currently the leader in the clubhouse since I took over the beat here at Barstool.

Final Chase Rating: 9.1/10

Also shout out to the guy in the helicopter for doing an incredible job keeping the energy level up the entire time and providing flawless play by play of the chaos.

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