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It’s Time For The NHL To Change The Offsides Settings To Off After Ruining This Nasty Zegras Goal

Quick disclaimer here. I’m currently driving through North Carolina and writing this blog from a rest stop. So I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. 

But holy moly this Zegras cat has the biggest set of nuts in hockey history. Just constantly looking for opportunities to dunk on and demoralize his opponents. Skill, creativity, and zero regard for anything other than scoring the nastiest goals possible. The NHL should be doing anything and everything in their power to have way more of this in the game…

Aaaaaaand it gets wiped off the board because someone’s skate was a quarter of an inch passed the blueline before the puck entered the zone. 

Just turn off offsides. Think about how much better the game would be. Think about how popular the NBA is compared to the NHL. They don’t play a lick of defense in the NBA.  It’s just constant scoring back and forth. You want the game to grow and you want guys like Connor McDavid to be able to sign $400M contracts? Just get rid of offsides and let the filthy goals like these ones from Zegras do all the marketing for you. Simple as that.