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Wild Video Of A Bunch Of Killer Whales Sinking A Boat Full Of Fisherman After Launching A 45 Minute "Organized Attack"

Source - A group of sailors had a terrifying encounter when a pod of orcas circled around their yacht and carried an "organised attack" to sink their vessel within 45 minutes.

Crew members – Elliott, Augustin, Roman and Corentin – were on a sailing trip just off the coast of Portugal on November 1 when something rocked their 37-foot boat in the middle of the sea.

They took a video to catch a glimpse of what happened when they heard the boat shaking and a loud noise at the back of the yacht.

At least five to seven killer whales were swimming in circles around the yacht before they rammed the back of the boat, ripping apart the rudder. The brute force left the French boat filling up with water from the damage.

While the crew were calling for help from the coastguard, the sea beasts worked in a synchronised way to push the vessel to the opposite direction.

The Video:

Crewmate Augustin put out a distress call and gathered others on the top of the boat as it sank around 14 miles west of the port of Viana do Castelo. 

They were all uninjured and rescued by a Swedish boat nearby, with a search and rescue team from Viana do Castelo Lifesaving station arriving shortly after.

Question...what do you do in that situation? You're in the middle of the ocean being hunted by one of earth's apex predators...what do you do? Shut off the engine and hope for the best? Hightail it out of there and pray they go away? These guys powered down their sonar because they thought it was pissing off the pod, but clearly that didn't work. Maybe you whack it with a spare paddle and hope it gets spooked. I don't know, I'd probably just shit my pants and call my mom. 

Regardless, the fact that Orcas are now "organized attacks" on fishing vessels is concerning. I searched "killer whale boat" on TikTok and here's what came up...

Terrifying stuff. And you know what? There's nothing we can do. If you're on a boat, you're in their territory. I'm not even sure shooting one would do anything. I mean they're eight-THOUSAND pounds for fuck sake. Anyway that's all I have for this one. Stay out of the water and enjoy the rest of the day. Thanks for reading.