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Somebody Rate My Pathetic Golf Swing

I gotta say, when Dana posted this the other day I thought I was going to get massacred on the Twitter World because there's no doubt about it, I look pretty fucking stupid taking that swing despite just how much that ball was roped. To my surprise however, the responses were surprisingly good. I guess that stuff did work out for Happy Gilmore, as long as the ball gets close to the hole who cares the manner in how it gets there, right? Right? 

I'm still thinking people were just being nice because I obviously know that's not the sexiest swing in the world, but it does bring a question to my mind...Do the fats get extra cushion when it comes to our golf swing? Because when you really do think about it the huge stomach coming in the way of following seems like it should be getting in the way of a full swing. 

I fully plan on taking some golf lessons before the spring hits so I can literally become John Daly and when I say become John Daly, I mean just have the capability of hitting the ball so I can drink with my friends on the course. But when I do take those lessons, I'm excited to ask about the whole tummy thing. 

Moral of the story though at this very moment I am going to give that pathetic swing of mine a 3.6 out of 10. As I previously said by the Spring I'm hoping for at least a 5.5. I literally just want the bare minimum in actually being able to play golf. That's IT.