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Nick Cannon Is Officially Welcoming His 12th Child Into The World, Which Is One More Than Was Reported Last Week

BRO WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Truly, at what point do we like, send the police to his house and make him stop getting women pregnant? It's definitely weird, but when does it become "time for jail" weird? Is this a fetish? Does he TRULY think he needs to populate the world? Is he a narcissist that wants his seed spread as far as he possibly can? 

NICK CANNON MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! I can't even begin to think about the family trees that will expand with all of these kids. As far as I can tell, (it's hard because it's such a mess,) Nick Cannon has SIX baby mamas. Let's not forget, Mariah Carey is one of them. 

I said this on this week's On The Other Line episode (when we recorded it he was only having 11 kids) and imagine being in a family where there is a class system amongst your own siblings? Varying degrees of richness with your half brothers and sisters? What a fucking disaster. I have no idea how Nick Cannon is going to spread his time equally amongst these babies and make sure they each feel like they have a father figure, but let's also hope that the mothers are in line to do a LOT of parenting. Maybe we'll get one big new Sister Wives show but its Nick Cannon and all of his baby mamas? Imagine the Mariah CAMEO? Unbelievable.