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Radio Host Shit His Pants Live And Was So Dissappointed In Himself

Shitting yourself at any point in life is one of the more disappointing things that can happen. You can make mistakes in life and get over it but once that shit hits your pants you feel like you failed everyone. Jerry's video hit 4 million homes and even though it was funny, you feel like a literal piece of shit. You contemplate everything about yourself because your anus needs to be trained at this point in life. 

You can see it in this guy's eyes when it happens. He can't even look his friends in the eyes. He should almost be suspended from the show for one day to re-evaluate his bathroom skills. People don't talk about bathroom skills enough. It is all in your head, you have to train your mind to only go at home unless it is a real emergency. If you let your ass know it is okay to go to the bathroom at a restaurant, your ass will know and can't wait to hit that porcelain. 

P.s. If you are a two time offender I think that you should have to go to a class because you aren't a functional human. You should be so ashamed the first time that it never happens again.