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Cam Dicker Might Be The Greatest Kicker Ever

ICYMI, former Longhorn Cameron Dicker the field goal kicker has bounced around a bit after going undrafted this year. After stops with the Rams and Ravens, he ended up on the Eagles in October. There, he filled in for the injured Jake Elliot against the Cardinals and hit a 42 yard FG in the first half and then a 23 yard FG with 1:45 remaining to win the game. 

Fast forward a few weeks and the Chargers pick him up after both Jake Elliot and Taylor Bertolet got injured. Which, by the way, is becoming a very regular feeling for this team. 

Vs the Falcons and ex-Charger kicker Younghoe Koo, he hit a 31 yarder with 5:27 remaining and then a 37 yarder as time expired. 

For those two games, he won NFC Special Teams Player of the Month AND AFC Special Teams player of the month. Is he the only player to ever do that? I don't know and Jake Marsh refused to look it up for me. I'm just gonna assume it is. 

Is Dicker the greatest kicker in the NFL? At the very least, he is the best kicker to not to have a full-time job with a team. 4-4 on FGs, 4-4 on XPs. You know who isn't batting 1000 in either category this year? Justin Tucker. Much to think about there….