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Whoring Out Your Kid On Social Media For Clout Is Just About The Worst Thing In The World


NYPost - A boy’s lonely 8th birthday is one he’d probably rather forget – but his mom decided to immortalize it on the internet.

A mom threw a party at Chuck E. Cheese for her son’s 8th birthday and invited 30 kids but only two showed up. 

The mom, who goes by @lifewithbabyaxelito2 on TikTok, shared the video from her son’s party writing, “Imagine turning 8 and inviting the whole class only for them not to show up.”

The viral video — which has 1.7 million views and 227,900 likes — is just one of many in the latest trend of parents humiliating their children by posting their most uncomfortable moments. 


I am SO GLAD there was no internet growing up. I mean we had dial-up and played games on (shout out Buzz Beamer) but no internet the way we know it now. Zero social media, zero apps, nothing. And thank the good lord, because I don't know how teenagers do it. Counting likes on Instagram, trying to go viral on TikTok, it all seems like such a nightmare.

And then, even worse, you have mother's like the one above who are happy to whore out her own children for clout. That's GOT to be child abuse. I mean what the fuck?



Why would anyone want the world to see their son at his lowest, saddest moment? How is this good for anyone? And why? Well, we know why. For the clout. Soulless people like this bitch will do anything for a spark of notoriety.  



Like, is everyone completely 1) addicted to social media that every little thing that happens has to go up, and 2) so completely brain dead they can't think for 2 seconds about if this is a good or bad thing to post? I don't even have kids but as a human being this shit infuriates me. This god damn kid is going to grow up and people are going to search his name and he'll forever be the loser kid who nobody wanted to hang out with. All because his mom wanted some likes. 

And what bothers me more is this is a quote from the NY Post article:


“This breaks my heart. Kids are so cruel. I’m so sorry,” another empathized.


Kids are so cruel? Oh, no, no. The kids parents don't want their kids hanging around your kid, and they are obviously correct. This bitch SUCKS. Yeah no kidding the parents didn't send their kids, they don't want them plastered on your stupid fucking page. 


I'm curious if laws will ever catch up to the internet. Simple things like "you can't put your kid on TikTok for fake internet points that will later be detrimental to his well-being and get him stuffed in lockers and have deli meats thrown at his head in middle school". Seems pretty reasonable. 


And there's also a chance this is true too:



Sigh. Wouldn't put it past her. Can't wait to move to Wyoming and never see this shit again.