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Another Gem From The Normal World Cup - For The Small Price Of $200 Per Night You Can Stay In A Hotel, Err, A Shipping Container

Welcome to the normal World Cup! This isn't about the horrible human rights violations. This isn't about how dumb it is to have a winter World Cup. This isn't about the dumbass rules in Qatar. This is about where fans get to stay. Luxury at its finest here. For the low cost of roughly $200 per night you get to stay in a shipping container. 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I always book the nicest hotel. I'm not a hotel person. Wherever I'm visiting I can't sit in a hotel. They are uncomfortable, you never have a good view of the TV and I can't just sit in a bed all night. But I won't book a shipping container. I have some standards in life. Get me a solid 4-star hotel that's reasonably priced with hot water, a bed and A/C that goes below 66 degrees. That's all I ask for. Oh and no bodily fluids showing in the room. That's a hard pass. 

Now I might sound crazy here. But if you have to put people in shipping containers and disguise them as hotel rooms, you don't deserve a World Cup. That's before everything I listed above and all the, you know, corruption. Seems like a low standard that should be met every four years. Have multiple hotels that can accommodate people from all around the world. Not asking for much here. Just a simple bar for FIFA to have covered going forward. 

Luckily I only know two people crazy enough to go to Qatar for the World Cup: 

Can't wait to see the boys huddled together in a shipping container. Going to be must watch seeing them navigate the streets of Qatar. 

Reminder: The US roster gets announced at 5 Eastern today. I'll have a full breakdown when we know it and not just some reports and leaks that are out there now. Gotta see what Gregg really says.