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Paolo Banchero Says He Would Have Families Waiting Outside His Dorm Room To Meet Him At Duke

(credit to the Young Person Basketball Podcast with R.J. Hampton)

I have always wondered about this in college because I remember that people were mad at Johnny Manziel wasn't going to the physical classroom because he was taking online classes. Then he showed up out of spite and like 10 thousand people showed up to take a picture with him. 

Paolo explains how people found out where he lived in the dorms and ended up just knocking on his door with their families waiting outside. What is wrong with people? What is he supposed to do, pose for a picture? I get taking pictures of him when he is out. That just comes with the territory of being a star. But doing this in the kid's room is nuts, no matter how much of a diehard fan you are.

Being a college start is obviously awesome, but usually being a celebrity comes with a lot of money. Meanwhile the college basketball players are in twin beds in a dorm room with regular college kids. I guess this gets him ready though for the NBA spotlight because there are much weirder people in college trying to video tape you than if you are on the Orlando Magic. Like imagine Paolo taking a shit thinking one of his friends is coming over and he leaves the bathroom to a whole family waiting for an autograph from him. I would lock myself in my room and watch every show on Netflix until I had practice, which sounds like exactly what he did.