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LSU Fan Bride Trolls Alabama Fan Husband With A Wedding Cake And I Have Some Major Questions

The SEC is just different. An LSU fan bride trolls her Alabama fan husband with a wedding cake that has an Alabama logo on top but LSU colors on the inside. When the unsuspecting groom cut into the cake he saw an out pouring of Gold and Purple. The reception went nuts , everyone laughed, good times. 

Here's my MAJOR takeaway/questions that need answering. 

A- When did this wedding take place? 

If this was Friday night. ALL GOOD. All is well. Some fun antics pregame, everyone has fun before the big game etc. No harm no foul. However if this wedding was Saturday night.... 

2- Are these people real fans? Is anyone at this wedding a real fan? 

To have a Saturday night wedding right in the middle of LSU and Alabama playing seems like something only fake or casual fans will do. The LSU Alabama game has been scheduled for months, check that, it's been announced for a full year. (Link). 

There's no way in hell these people decided to get married if they knew the date and potential time of the game and decided to get married. Either this game was a 3:30 (right in the middle of their ceremony) or 7:00 right in the middle of their reception. You would have to be a dope to plan a wedding opposite the biggest game on the schedule. Or you are just a fake fan. 

D- The people in attendance are fake fans too.

I don't card if it's the royal wedding and the favors for the guests are new Lambos. If you have any sense of the moment as a fan you aren't watching some bullshit cake cutting you have an eye on the game. And if this cake cutting happened towards the end of the night, that's right about the time the game was going down to the wire. Fake fan alert!

Listen, we probably won't know when this wedding actually occurred but I'll stand behind my take that if was Saturday these people are the biggest frauds in America.