Peacock Has Announced A New Casey Anthony Docuseries And I'm Not Sure How To Feel About It

Variety- Peacock has announced “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” a limited docuseries featuring interviews with Anthony about the investigation, trial and media spectacle regarding accusations that she murdered her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

“Why talk to me now when you’re not getting creative control?” an interviewer asks Anthony in the trailer. The brief footage concludes with the intertitle, “Casey Anthony Speaks.”

“Where the Truth Lies” will debut on Peacock on Nov. 29. The three-part limited series, helmed by director and showrunner Alexandra Dean, features material from Casey’s own archive and behind-the-scenes footage.

TV really walks a fine line. On one hand they have to produce the content and programs that will provide the best numbers and most eyeballs. On the other hand, they are essentially glorifying horrific people like Casey Anthony, or Jeffrey Dahmer etc. They know what will make people talk. They know what will move the needle. It's a fine line. It's also really hard to justify Casey Anthony having made money off a book deal and TV deals in the past. 

Either way, you know people will tune in because the story was such a big deal and still is so difficult to grasp how she could act like this and what led to these acts. It's sick but that's what people want to know. How someone could get like this? People like The Son Of Sam, Ted Kaczynski, OJ etc. They have all had a special or a documentary or a series peeking into their life because people are infatuated with how they could act like that. It's crazy but thats the TV business. 

I'm torn on watching. Part of me needs to know about how fucked up she was, and the other part of me doesn't want to watch someone get to be in the public light after being accused of such a heinous act. That is the official tightrope we walk everyday with TV programming.