Stanford Basketball's Tara VanDerveer Says LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Making $2 Million a Year From Her Sponsors Is a 'Step Back' For Women

Pictured above is well known LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne. This woman has figured out how to DOMINATE being a college athlete plain and simple. She's amassed over 8 million followers across all her social media platforms easily making her the top dog among college athletes. With NIL coming into the mix she has struck gold and made a ton of money doing her thing. We're talking over $2 million a year as a college student. Back in college my friends and I threw a party once where we made back enough money to pay for beer the rest of the semester. We thought we were kings. Liv Dunne is out here making millions of dollars from NILs. That's fucking insane! 

Well, in classic 2022 fashion someone had to find a way to get upset about this and try to rain down on her party. Enter long-time Stanford women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer

'I guess sometimes we have this swinging pendulum, where we maybe take two steps forward, and then we take a step back,' she said. 'We're fighting for all the opportunities to compete, to play, to have resources, to have facilities, to have coaches, and all the things that go with Olympic-caliber athletics.'  (Daily Mail)

'This is a step back,' she added. 

Here was Dunne's response back

'Seven figures,' she said. 'That is something I'm proud of. Especially since I'm a woman in college sports.

'There are no professional leagues for most women's sports after college,' she added. 

Spot the lie! So because Olivia Dunne has a great opportunity she shouldn't take it because it's different? God forbid someone got creative and thought out of the box to get their bread.

Let's break it down. 

Door 1, she settles as a college gymnast, refuses to take any NIL deals, and then graduates where the outlook of someone in her profession is virtually non-existent? 

Door number 2, she has a fucking blast in college, earns millions of dollars, becomes a national name, and posts whatever she wants on social media. She makes an average of $31,000 on every post like the ones below. 


Yeah, I'm taking door number 2 with not a second of hesitation. Honestly at the end of the day do what makes you happy and forget everyone else. Just because a 69 year old women's basketball coach is tired of NILs and the awesome stuff that can come with them doesn't mean that should stop you in anyway. Go Liv Dunne Go