If You Buy An Ugly Sweater Now You'll Actually Have It In Time For Your Holiday Party (And It's 20% So That's Good Too)


Look, I get it "I'll take zero" is funny. I laugh every time. But here's the thing- if you are in college, have a job, have a girlfriend, or simply are looking for a conversation starter at the bar, one of these sweaters will do you well. Love it or hate it, the Xmas Ugly Sweater is part of our culture now. Personally, I think a lot of our sweaters are pretty creative and dare I say it…good. Yeah some suck too but whatever, don't buy that one. But when it comes down to it, you need a sweater. And you can't repeat last year's because people will see it in pictures and think you're a poor loser. So you might as well buy one of ours while it's 20% off. There's a whole fucking collection right here:



And that's right, the title is no lie. You'll actually have it by the time the holiday party/bar night/girlfriend's fat friend's wine and cheese night. They're 20% off til 10am or something like that tomorrow morning. Get on board or get left behind, Eduardo.

PS: Something is up with the store where all the sweaters from your favorite brands are on their own page and not the sweater page. Like Foreplay's are on their page



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