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China Recruits Americans Harder Than Nick Saban

We have a story on the latest Zero Blog Thirty detailing yet another situation of China coming after an American fighter pilot for secrets, intel, and even Kontent Kim's cookie recipes. This sort of thing always baffles me -  don't get me wrong...if you wave millions of dollars in my face I might pause on some decisions before arriving at the correct decision. But one thing is certain, I would NEVER have to think twice if China tried to recruit me. I would never betray my country. These colors don't run. George Washington said that when he was telling George 3 and the redcoats to kick rocks. 

Here is a little cheat sheet for you:

  • Does what I'm about to do involve helping China?
    • No - ok you're good 
    • Yes - better not 

It really is that simple. You know what else is simple? Being the best darn looking person at your office's Ugly Christmas Sweater party when you're rocking one of these bad boys.